I am Jotham Hernandez

I’m a regular guy from the Philippines who wants to make an impact on the society by providing solutions on simple to complex problems and creating web application solutions.

I like singing, playing piano, reading articles related to engineering stuff and watching Youtube videos from tech channels (Mark Rober, SpaceX, The Action Lab, Linus Tech Tips)

IT Professional

I believe that being an IT professional, it is one of my responsibilities to innovate and improve some process I think I can work on.

It is a good character of a person to work with a servant’s heart within your work environment.

CompTIA A+ Certified

Certified since 2018 and just renew this 2021. Taking this certification will not only proves that you know the field but also learn what you think you already knew.

WorldSkills Philippines Expert

Once I got the opportunity to be a WorldSkills Expert, I never regret the decision I made to join. It helps me build connection with other experts within the field of  Web Technologies and had the opportunity to learn and collaborate with them.

Web Developer

I chose the web technologies field because it is the most useful and accessible kind of technology we have

Almost everything runs on the internet, so might as well learn it, because most of the information you can have is in it.


Education is one of the key factor for success. It is essential for an individual to have access to education to be able to strive well on their future careers.

For me, learning is not bounded by schools or institutions. It is a continuous process which causes the improvement of an individual.

Who am I?

I am Jotham Hernandez, a son of a pastor/writer. 

As a child, I always dream of being a scientist, mixing different colors of chemicals, observing reactions and such. Instead, I became an IT professional, a Web Developer.

I like watching engineering and scientific stuffs on my free time or when I can’t solve a programming problem. Sometimes, I play, games such as DOTA 2, Call of Duty: Warzone, PUBG, and many more.

My Work

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